Der Gospel-Pastor aus Deutschand . . . Enjoy The Gospel ! ! ! . . .Gospel-Music.....klassische Gitarre.....Gospel-Choir Spirit Of Joy.....Gospel-Workshops.....Guitarrenunterricht.....Gospel-Choir-Arrangements.....

The Gospel-Pastor from Germany . . . Enjoy The Gospel ! ! ! . . .Gospel-Music.....classical guitar.....Gospel-Choir Spirit Of Joy.....Gospel-Workshops.....Guitar-lessons.....Gospel-Choir-Arrangements.....














Sometimes there are situations to cry; sometimes it is good to do that! The inner motivation of gospel-music is the cry of the soul. Even if it is once very soft.

Please surf in peace among my offers. It would please me very much if I could make you a little enthusiastic for this music and what it is intending...







maybe you like to listen to some examples
from CD “Even More Spirituals # 2”:

If in a church, in a concert hall,
at a festival or party, in a
music-restaurant or for
a special occasion ...


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...Gospel-Music is everywhere appropriate.
The miracle of
it is in its rhythm
in its humor, in its
enthusiastic sound and
its clear bright sincereness.

Direct and inofficious, enthusiastic and animating how it is, gives gospel-music to every planned event the guarantee of success. I have never seen it otherwise - since more than 30 years ago."

The concert-program includes classic spirituals till new compositions.
The sound is enthusiasticating with sharp and calm melodies; the spectrum of the singing is from whispering to the cry. The songs are accompanied by guitar or banjo; handmade music, until the strings tear.
Apart from his soloistic concert activity the "Gospel Pastor" - like the diploma theologian sometimes is called - is leading the Gospel Choir Spirit Of Joy in Schwerin, the state capital of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Germany.











Gospel Schröder
Neubrandenburger Str. 2
19063 Schwerin
Tel.: 0385-4861686
mobil: 0170-3808368

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